Kalamazoo College Art Collection

Photo of person looking at art

Questions about the College Art Collection can be sent to kcollegeartcollection@kzoo.edu

The College Art Collection currently contains more than 500 works of art, including oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, photographs, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, and other media.  Much of the Collection is housed in the Upjohn Library Commons.

The Art Collection primarily serves as a teaching tool for the College community, and it also enhances the aesthetics of the campus environment.  As a result, there are two groups within the collection:

The Study Collection is made up of original, rare, and irreplaceable artwork, as well as works with conservation issues that should not be placed on permanent or long term display.  Exhibiting these items would place them at risk, so they may be viewed only in the A.M. Todd Rare Book room.

The Campus Collection consists of those artworks that may be placed on permanent or long-term display because they are not suitable for educational purposes. These pieces can be displayed in offices or public areas of campus buildings.

Thumbnails of works in the College Art Collection can be viewed in CACHE, the College’s Institutional Repository:  College Art Collection in CACHE

In order to assure the consistency, quality, and long-term care of the College Art Collection, the College has established Kalamazoo College Art Team (KCAT). KCAT follows policies for the accession, deaccession, and care of the College Art Collection: