Quiet Booths

Photo of quiet booth

Quiet booths are located on the second floor of the Library. Booth #1 is near the atrium windows on the northeast side of the building. Booth #2 is behind the compact shelving on the northwest side of the building.

The booths are sound-isolating rooms for one. They include a seat and a desk, so you can sit or stand with your phone, tablet, or laptop. The booths are helpful for when someone needs a quiet place for telehealth or counseling appointments, interviews, calls, study, and other private conversations.

The booths have electrical outlets, small fans to vent the air, and are sealed across the top and at the door. Though not completely soundproof at high decibel levels, the booths do allow for privacy by muffling conversation.

Important: Library rules must be followed in the booths!

  • Please, no eating or drinking in the booths
  • Students can book the booth through Media Services at Room.Booking@kzoo.edu or 269-337-7138
  • Faculty and staff can book the booth through EMS
  • Bookings are for two hour blocks

If someone pops in to use the a booth without a booking, they will need to vacate it for someone who has booked it.