Happy Open Education Week! 

This week, we celebrate Open Education Week, a global movement promoting free and accessible educational resources.  

Celebrating Open Education at the Library 

The Library is a strong supporter of open education on campus. Here are some ways we’re celebrating Open Education Week: 

  • Students! Please fill out our brief (3-5 min.) Student Textbook Survey so that we can continue improving our textbook affordability efforts.  
  • Faculty! We want to hear from you too! The Faculty Textbook Survey can help us evaluate and improve our support to you. 

What is Open Education? 

Open educational resources (OERs) are teaching and learning materials freely available for everyone to use. This can include textbooks, articles, videos, and more. OERs can save students money on expensive course materials and ensure everyone has access to high-quality learning resources. 

We encourage everyone to explore the world of open education

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