Floor 3

Noise Level


Floor Description

The center of the floor contains the main staircase, group and individual study tables, and computers behind the stairs. Computers and printers on this floor are for use by Kalamazoo College students, faculty, and staff only.

The following spaces are labeled in a clockwise direction from the bottom right on the Floor 3 map.

 This is generally a quiet floor.


  • Classroom 308
  • Nursing room 309
  • Classrooms 310 through 312
  • Printer
  • Books with call numbers PQ through PS
  • Individual study tables overlooking the Reading Room
  • Books with call numbers PS through Z
  • Group and individual study tables near windows
  • Oversize books


  • College Archives
  • Books with call numbers K through PN
  • Rare Book Room
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Study room 319
  • Elevator and a staircase
  • Faculty office
  • Wheelchair accessible men’s and women’s restrooms
  • Classrooms 302 and 303
  • Viewing room 304
  • Classrooms 305 through 306

Floor 3 Map

Third floor library map


Study tables
Study tables
comfortable seating
Comfortable seating outside Rare Book Room
Study tables
Individual study table
Study tables
Carrel and tables
Study tables
Carrels outside the College Archives
Study tables
Study tables outside the College Archives